Preparatory course for college and graduate school

Education to assist student's self-realization

The goal of the course is to improve students' Japanese ability so that they can go on to the colleges and graduate schools they want to. To achieve this, this course helps students prepare for the examinations and also improves students' skill of writing essay and making presentation. Students who successfully completed the two-year course are eligible to transfer to a college as sophomore or junior and to receive the degree of specialist.

  • Students aim to achieve high scores of Japanese ability, general subject, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc., on the Japanese Admission Test for International Students.
  • Students aim to improve TOEFL score and also improve fundamental English ability required at colleges.
  • Students learn to be able to write research plan on the theme which is narrowed down to.
  • Students learn to write short essays based on various themes.
  • Students aim to improve their presentation skill to convey their ideas to other people accurately.
  • Students design their post-graduation career path. Through career counseling and guidance, identify the person they truly wish to be.
  • Students do computer exercise (information processing, MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint) to acquire skills useful at colleges and graduate schools.


Japanese ability leading to college and graduate schools

  • What person you would like to be and which school you would choose → customized career counseling and support
  • Selection of courses to pass entrance examination → a wide variety of elective courses for both science and humanities
  • Present your ideas → Improvement of output skill

Aim to achieve high score on the examination
for Japanese University Admission for International Students.

Reading class teaches how to read to get key points in a short time. Listening class teaches how to be able to listen to lecture and improves ability to understand tables and graphs with listening to lecture.
Customized class for each student available so that students of humanities course can achieve high score of general subject and mathematics I and students of science course can achieve of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics II.

Aim to pass N1 by achieving high score
on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

This course aims to improve students’ ability of reading long sentences such as essays as well as explanatory text and articles. It also aim to improve their listening ability in various situations. As for students who have not passed N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test when entering our college, we will educate them so that they will pass it by the end of their first year.

English is required at any colleges and graduate schools.
This course aims to improve students’ ability of speaking English as well as ability of reading, listening, and writing to achieve high score on TOEFL.
Even at colleges which do not require TOEFL, English ability is important. Students will study English from basics.

Students take a class of designing career path every week.
We ask students to always think what kind of person they want to be. Answers to this question will suggest which college they should submit their applications to.

A class of information processing also available.
MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are essential to college and graduate school students. We will have student master basic technologies of computer.

Learn to be able to make presentation.
We have a class in which students are supposed to collect information, summarize their ideas, and make presentation in front of their classmates. Students will master output skill and make presentation of their ideas.

College preparatory class
The course will provide preparation for examination and short essays, tailored to each college.

Graduate School preparatory class.
Students will learn how to contact with professors, how to prepare their study plans, and how to communicate with their supervisors.