Practical Japanese Course

From your current Japanese to usable Japanese

実用日本語コースLearn and improve your Japanese speaking ability. This course will provide you the necessary skills to better your Japanese and will also strengthen your understanding of Japans culture and lifestyle to provide a smoother transition for those moving from overseas to work or live.
At the end of the course students are eligible to receive a degree in the language at the graduation and aim to become a fully fledged employee in Japan.
  • Students aim to improve their Japanese speaking ability, especially negotiation skills necessary for business and in everyday conversation.
  • Students are to aim to achieve a high score on the BJT; Business Japanese Proficiency Test, STBJ; Standard Test for Business Japanese and the JLPT; Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
  • Students aim to improve presentation skills to convey ideas upon presenting them to others. This can be achieved by students participating and attending offices and social meeting with locals to improve discussional and conversational Japanese.
  • Students can develop the basic skills necessary for business employees here in Japan. The ability to think alone and also to work as a larger team.
    Create a post graduate career pathway for yourself and aim to find a job in Japan through career peer counseling.
  • Students will also learn and acquire useful computer business skills necessary in the business environment through hands on practical training.
  • Another skill that can be learned is to improve ones English ability which is tested by the score proficiency tests such as the TOEIC.


Courses Offered Unique To The Yokohama Design College

Yokohama Design College offers a range of courses that utilise both language skills and creative skills.

Producing Commercials
In this class, students form a team to produce a commercial. It is to be produced in Japanese and then translated into the students native language. This is to improve students Japanese ability and skills involving interpretation.

Dictation From Tapes And Interviews
Students interview native Japanese speakers, record and then dictate to form a readable script. This will enhance students skills which involve translation and writing.

Students learn how to express themselves according to the context and content you are writing for. Learn the beauty of the Japanese language in a more indepth learning experience.

Japanese Language Teacher Training 
Students now become the teachers, shifting positions to review the language they once learnt to speak. Language teachers must clearly understand the basic structures of both the target and native language. The course will allow students to enhance their translation ability to in the future teach Japanese to beginners in their home country.