Japanese Language Dept. FAQ

Admission, Visa

Where should I contact if I wish to apply ?

Please contact International Center in Yokohama Design College.
Tel : 81-45-323-0300
Fax : 81-45-323-0302

From what age the school accepts students for admission, and is there any age limit for entry ?

The first criteria for obtaining visa is High school graduation, minimum age is 18 years old.
Also, students should satisfy criteria defined by immigration to obtain student visa, in this point of view, the age limit becomes around 30 years old. Depending on the reasons or the student’s situation, the age limit may get younger or older than 30 years old.
Students stay in Japan with other type of visa, we accept High school student or older age students.

What sort of visa can I obtain if I enter Yokohama Design College ?

You are able to obtain Student Visa, the period is 1 year and 2 years, depending on the length of your course.

Spouse, Short term visa students can study at Yokohama Design College ?

Yes, these students will jump in Student visa holders class.

How many years can a student study in Japan with a Student Visa ?

A student can study Japanese from 1 year to maximum 2 years. If you continue to study in Japan in higher educational institute, such as Graduate school, University, Vocational school, you can extend your visa in Japan.
Our Diploma course takes 2 years, you will obtain DIPLOMA at graduation which enables you to get work permission from Immigration.

Does the school accept admissions into short term courses in the middle of the term ?

It is possible in case there is a class which matches to your level, it has a seat available.

Is there any entrance test ?

No, but there is a Placement Test to check your level and find the best class for you.

Has Yokohama Design College been authorized as a school ?

Yokohama Design College is a Specialized training school which has been prescribed by Article 82 in the School Education Act.
It has been authorized by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. It has also been authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Scence and Technology as a Specialized training school.

Classes, lessons

Which country do your students come from ?

Half of students are from China, about 30% from ASEAN countries (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, etc.) about 30% Westeners (Italy, Sweden, England, USA, Argentina, Mexico, etc,) We have students from more than 30 countries all over the world.

Currently, how many students are enrolled in Yokohama Design College ?

The total number of long term and short term students is 215. (As of April 2017)

How many students are there in a class ?

Average number is around 15, maximum 20 students.

Is there a study room in school ?

No, but there is a Student Lounge on the 2nd floor, students can use this lounge for self-study or having lunch, enjoying exchange with Japanese students / classmates.

How much is the cost of study books ? Please advise me any other expenses I need to pay.

Details of tuition fee and other expenses are as per below, there is no other expenses charged after coming to Japan.

Contents1-Year Course1.5-Year Course2-Year Course
Application Fee25,00025,00025,000
Material Fee20,00025,00030,000
Activity Fee18,00024,00033,000

Do you provide private (one-by-one) lessons for long term residents ?

Yes, we do. The lesson fee is JPY45,000 per package (1.5hours x 10 lessons).
Please go to this page for the details.

Do teachers teach in our first language ?

No, they teach in Japanese only. But at the beginning of study, we use English or silent way for better effects in memorizing characters / proper pronunciation.
Teaching Japanese in Japanese sounds difficult for complete beginner, however this is the most effective way for foreigners to obtain Japanese language.

Can I catch up with lessons even if I am not familiar with Kanji characters at all ?

It is not necessary to be concerned about it since we separate Kanji people (Ex. From China) and Non-Kanji people at the beginner level.
There is one Kanji lesson everyday with a special textbook.
We are sure that Non-Kanji students will learn enough number of Kanji step by step.

How many hours of lessons are there in a day ?

There are 4 lessons per day, 1 lesson is for 45minutes, Monday to Friday.
Japanese language class is divided into two parts, morning and afternoon, students study either one in these two shifts.

What kind of textbooks are used in a class ?

Beginner class : Minna-no-Nihongo, Dekiru-Nihongo Intermediate class : Jokyu-eno-tobira, preparation for JLPT, EJU(Japanese) is done in the class.
Advanced class : Practical materials, such as newspapers, magazines, TV news, etc. appropriate course materials are provided for achieving the specific level of each skill such as reading, grammer, writing, listening, vocabulary and kanji.

Are the teachers Japanese ?

Yes, all of our teachers are qualified, well experienced Japanese teachers.

In the College Preparatory Course, can students learn subjects other than Japanese ?

We offer Preparation classes for University Entrance examination. All the classes are free, you can take as many as you want.
●EJU : Social studies, English, Physics, Mathematics
●Art University (and Graduate School) : Drawings, Color Construction, Making Port Folio
For experience of Japanese Pop-culture, we offer Manga (Illustration) classes and lessons called “Open Class”.

What is the open class ?

Yokohama Design College consists of 3 Departments, Diploma Department (Total Design, Manga, Fashion Design and Comprehensive Japanese) and High School Department (Design Course, Manga Course, Fashion Course) in addition to Japanese Language Department.
All the students have learning opportunities other than their major subjects twice a year with your choice.
Foreign students can learn Up-to-date Japanese through exchange with Japanese students of Diploma Department or High School Department in OPEN CLASS.

Are there preparation lessons for JLPT and EJU?

For JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test), we do preparations in classes, there is no special lessons. We offer additional free lessons for EJU(Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) .

After graduation

What sort of careers can students expect in the future after studying Japanese language at school?

About 80% of the students proceed to graduate schools, universities and specialized schools.
List of advancement, please click here.
It is possible to get work permission in Japan for Bachelor degree holders.
It is one of major trends among Japanese Language Students now to get work permission after obtaining high level Japanese.
There is a section called Career Support Center at school, Japanese Language Students can use the center as well, let’s try to get a job offer with them !!

Is there any special offer from Diploma Department for Japanese Language students ?

In case of proceeding to Diploma Department within Yokohama Design College, students are entitled to receive priority entry from the school and furthermore ae eligible for Yokohama Design College special scholarship with reduction or an exemption from tuition fee etc.


Does Yokohama Design College provide a student dormitory ?

School provides direct management of dormitories for students, which are located within walk distance. Please apply one month before the Certificate of Eligibility is issued.
The rooms are basically twin room, school arranges the room arrangement depending on nationality, area of origin. Please feel free to consult us if you are interested in staying at Guesthouse, Monthly mansion etc but school dormitories.

Can students buy Student commuter pass ?

Yes, Student visa holders can buy Student commuter pass.

What conditions to become a sponsor ?

To have enough financial ability to cover all the expenses (Both Tuition, Living expenses) during a student’s all of stay, to be able to submit the certificates required by Immigration. Normally a person to have blood relationship with a student becomes the sponsor, for example, a parent or sister / brother, the sponsor don’t have to live in Japan.

Does the school provide a student grant ?

Japan Student Services Organization offers an incentive grant for international students, but not for everybody. We choose the top a few students based on various marks, Attendance rate during past 1 year, Attitudes in a class, teachers’ evaluations, and Result of Japanese test. The actual amount in 2017 is JPY48,000/month, for 6 months.
The students receive Yokohama Design College scholarship of 260,000JPY when proceeding to Diploma Department from Japanese Language Department, this amount is deducted from total amount of first payment.