Educational Policy / Philosophy

Basic guidance policy for Japanese language education.

  • The objective of this program is to plan an improvement in education, development of capability in Japanese required for a job or daily life through stimulating Japanese Language in foreign students along with global integration.
  • Implement an education that applies to each person’s needs by using a method that is more understandable with careful guidance to the students.
  • Teach four skills, “reading” “writing” “speaking” “listening”, in balance including a preparing an examination for study abroad to the students who wish to proceed to University, Postgraduate College, or Specialized School.
  • Welcome all people who wish to improve their capability of Japanese Language for communication using Japanese in order to become an international businessperson.

The syllabus for the students whose objective is to proceed to higher education sets up both class ability and a goal.

The classes are, for example, "Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and proceeding to University" and "Japanese Language Test at second grade".

目的別クラスAllowing students to proceed on a priority basis from the Japanese Language Course to the Specialized Course (FD, VD, MD, D&V) .

コミュニケーション能力の向上The implementation of an activity plan for Communication Improvement Capability.

Participate in the Open Class, which allows you to select your favourite subject with students in a specialized course who are studying an advanced course in fashion, design and dance.


Chat Class which freely discusses various hot topics relevant to modern Japan, the Open Lecture Class, the Japan Kung fu Open Class, the Flower Arrangement Open Class and the Chat Dance Class.