Let’s Realize Your Dreams at Internationally Enriched Yokohama!

Sanae Ushijima, Japanese Language Teacher

牛島 早苗(日本語学科教師) What is your objective to study Japanese? To study at Japanese University? To work with Japanese language? To improve communication ability? We have various programs to meet your objective at this school. There are many things to study. And, your Japanese language ability will be enhanced as much as you study. I will lead you to pay efforts on. You dreams should be close to be realized when your objective is accomplished. Studying abroad to Japan is a big step for you. At the same time, it’s one step to be an international person. This school is located at Yokohama where has been developed by trading with foreign countries. Therefore, many foreigners are still living here. You can have opportunities to communicate with various foreigners, not only studying with classmates. In another words, studying at this school is a short cut to be an international person. You must choose this school if you seek studying abroad in Japan.

Days to Learn from Students

Kaoru Takagi, Japanese Language Teacher

高木 薫(日本語科教師)It’s said that to study language means to study culture. It can be said that you, foreign students, are studying Japanese language and culture through different cultural experience in daily base Particularly, preliminary educational period is the first stage of different cultural experience. It’s not only enjoyable life for you but also rigid route that you have to solve and overcome various daily problems by yourselves. This school is fully equipped to support students under such conditions. Many of them leave here with powerful living skill along with Japanese language ability. “Our students are doing good.” That’s my impression. I want to train myself while studying together with you.

So you get to fall in love with more Japan

Minori Sakuma, Japanese Language Teacher

佐久間 みのり(日本語科教師)There are many students who study Japanese language with dreams and objectives at Yokohama Design School. Although their dreams and objectives are different, it is common that they try to communicate with Japan through the language. Technology, culture, economic and people in Japan. There are many opportunities such as social trip, after-school program, school festival and sports events, not only studying at Japanese class. I always try to make my lesson more enjoyable, easier and closer to Japan together with students.