College Preparatory Course

The Basic Policy is to provide an education of the Japanese Language

The objective of this program is to plan an improvement in education, development of capability in Japanese required for a job or daily life through stimulating Japanese Language in foreign students along with global integration. Implement an education that applies to each person's needs by using a method that is more understandable with careful guidance to the students. Teach four skills, "reading" "writing" "speaking" "listening", in balance including a preparing an examination for study abroad to the students who wish to proceed to University, Postgraduate College, or Specialized School. Welcome all people who wish to improve their capability of Japanese Language for communication using Japanese in order to become an international businessperson.

College Preparatory Course

Two-year Course

Beginning term
6 months
・Main focus is on daily conversation
・Heavy verbal training, together with instruction in grammar and sentence structures
Advances you to
Level 3
1,500-word vocabulary; 300 characters
Intermediate term
6 months
・nstruction in reading, conversation, writing, listening
・Balanced progress in speaking, hearing, writing, and reading
Advances you to
Level 2
6,000-word vocabulary; 1,000 characters
Final term
12 months
・Focuses on skills need to attain high scores on the EJU(Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) and the Japanese-language proficiency test
・Uses newspapers and other real-world materials to deepen understanding of japanese society
Advances you to

Level 1

10,000-word vocabulary; 2,000 characters