Fashion Business Course

Aiming to succeed in the forefront of trend, by learning manicure and hair make-up

fashion business course Fashion in not only about clothes. Fashion is composed of various essential elements, such as fashion goods including bags, shoes, and accessories, as well as make-up, hair make-up, and manicure. Fashion is completed by all of these elements combined. This course will cultivate human resources that can propose fashion in a comprehensive manner, by focusing on hair make-up and manicure skills, and by acknowledging that these are necessary components of beauty.
Fashion Business Course
Year 1

A year to study basics of beauty

Students will study basics that will be essential for the fashion industry, and will also participate in numerous classes in the area of their speciality, such as overview and practical classes of manicure, make-up and hair make-up. Students will study knowledge and techniques essential in becoming fashion beauty specialists, as they cultivate sensitivity and acquire techniques to show personality and analyze trend.
Fashion Business Course

Studying skills that are work-ready

Students will acquire higher techniques, while applying basics studied in year 1. Skills to become work-ready will be cultivated by nurturing communication skills, considering the fact that this type of job actually touches people’s skin.

Main subjects

Manicure/ Hair make-up/ Coordinating/ Sewing/ Technical art/ Pattern making etc.

Available qualifications

Fashion Business Skill Test/ Fashion Marketing Skill Test/ Fashion Color Skill Test/ Manicurist Skill Test etc.

Future courses of graduates

A stylist is a specialist who coordinates costumes and accessories for cast and models in movies, TV, magazines and advertisements. Stylists have to be sensitive to trend, and requires keen fashion sense and broad garment knowledge.

Color coordinator

Color coordinator is a specialist who brings out the attractiveness of colors, and who presents color in various scenes in our lives. There are many fields where a color coordinator could appeal in, such as shop planning, product development, architecture interior, customer service, sales, and of course, fashion.

Manicurists are artists who specialize in nail art and nail care. They are specialists attracting attention in recent years, and delicacy for coloring nails and good color sense is desired.