Fashion Design Course

Aiming to become work-ready graduates by concreting basics

fashion desgin course Students will aim to become sensitive creators by studying everything about fashion. It can be said that a keen eye to forecast the industry and an ability to read the milieu and express personality will be essential in order to succeed in this ever-changing industry. Professionals active in the frontline will build practical curriculums, for students to cultivate techniques to efficiently produce high-quality products. The students will study from the basics of expertise, such as selection of ideas and materials, pattern-making skills to beautifully show silhouettes, and efficient sewing methods.
Fashion Technical Course
Year 1

Concreting the apparel basics

Students will concrete their basics necessary in the fashion industry. Also, students will acquire expertise in order to express themselves, and to nurture imagination and creativity, as they output their personality.
Fashion Technical Course

Acquiring higher expertise and knowledge

Applying the basics studied in year 1, the aim for year 2 is to acquire higher expertise and knowledge. The course will allow students to launch original brands, and to plan products of that brand. This is for the students to become work-ready in the fashion industry by time of graduation.

Main subjects

Draping/ Pattern making/ Product sewing/ Apparel CAD/ Technical art/ CG technique, etc.

Available qualifications

Pattern Making Technique Test/ Fashion Business Skills Test/ Fashion Marketing Skills Test/ Fashion Color Skill Test, etc.

Future courses of graduates

An expert who draws CAD from the design drawn by the designer. The patterner will pursue high-technique pattern making with beautiful silhouettes and high functionality, by utilizing expertise knowledge of textile and sewing techniques.

Sample maker
Sample maker makes test sample and samples for exhibitions, and at times makes collection pieces for designers.

Fashion designer
Fashion designer is a specialist that meets the demand of the era and consumers. Such designers are textile designers, who plan and design thread, knitted fabric, and tinction. Other designers are apparel designers, who design clothes at clothing manufacturers.

Merchandiser (MD)
Person responsible for product planning. Merchandiser is the role of a producer that will manage comprehensively including brand planning, design, product cost management, and sales strategy, while leading specialists such as designers and stylists.