MANGA Course

Aim to debut as a cartoonist while in school by drawing a selling cartoon.

manga course The cartoon course will cultivate human resources that will be work-ready in the cartoon industry. It will fit beginners as well, for it will start with drawing basics. Students will gradually acquire high drawing techniques, and will acquire knowledge and technique of both analog and digital methods. They will create their own work and aim to debut with abundant practical training, under the teaching of professionals. Students will aim to become a cartoonist filled with creativity, as they cultivate their imaginative skills, sensitivity, and technique at all times.
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A year to concrete basics of cartoon

Students will first study basics thoroughly, such as story planning, basics drawing techniques, and knowledge and way of using tools necessary for drawing cartoons. They will cultivate high techniques and rich imagination by repeatedly drawing cartoons in abundant practical training.

Repeating application of works, aiming to debut while in school

The course will encourage students to apply for contests and provide support for approaching publishing companies, with the supervising of professionals. Students will aim to debut as cartoonists by completing as many works as possible before graduation.

Main subjects

Drawing/ Perspective Drawing/ Cartoon Creating/ Image Training/ Special Classes etc.

Available qualifications

Cartoon Skill Test (Authorized School)/ Multimedia Test/ Image Processing Test/ Business Skill Test/ Data Processing Utilization Skill Test etc.

Future courses of graduates

A creator who creates cartoons that will be accepted by a wide range of people, from children to adults. Cartoonists will create an impression and provide dreams to readers through attractive works.

Assistant to cartoonists
A work to support selling cartoonists. Assistants will complete cartoons by adding background and effect lines in to manuscripts with main characters drawn in . There are many who become professional cartoonists after experiencing this occupation.

Original author for cartoons
Original writer for cartoons are said to be someone who will create the basic plot flow, which can be referred to as the blueprint of cartoon. It is an important job equivalent to screenwriters for TV dramas and movies, and is known to be the deciding factor of success or failure for cartoons.

Character Designer
This is the occupation that creates “characters” itself, which becomes the center of vigorous character business. Ability to grasp trend and marketing skills are essential, together with imagination to create new characters.