Product Design Course

product desgin course

Aim to become a capable visual artist who can succeed in a wide range of fields,
with varied techniques.

product design
Year 1

Concreting the foundations as a visual artist

Students will study the basics such as art and conceptualizing, in order to become a visual artist. Students will study the basic of design expression together with appropriate processing techniques for materials such as metal and plastic. The course will include a silver clay designing class and arrange of create personalized goods.
product desgin

Improving skills through varied training

Students will study specific processing techniques for iron, plastic and leather, whilst also studying various materials necessary for creating artwork. Also students will further study marketing and event display as part of the Academic-Industrial Corporation Project, and as apart of the course will actually complete and create interior goods.

Main subjects

Design Techniques/ Formative Techniques/ Material Research/ DTP Techniques/ Image Expression/ Foundation arts.

Available qualifications

Sundry Goods Designer/ Display Designer/ Accessory Designer/ Modeler etc.

Future courses of graduates

Product Designer
Package Designer
Graphic Designer