Visual Design Course

"Products sell good" if advertisements are developed with good design

visual desgin course Newspapers, magazines, books, posters, flyers, signs, and CD jackets, etc. Graphic design is involved in most items surrounding us. Most of these designs are designed by creators such as graphic designers. Today, when visible images decide the sales of products and publications, the role graphic designers bear in terms of commercial and business aspect is great in size. In graphic course, students will thoroughly study knowledge and techniques necessary for a graphic designer through abundant practical training, from advertisement to DTP.
Fashion Technical Course
Year 1

Studying basics of graphic overall, centered around DTP

Students will study basic techniques of graphic design, drawing techniques, 2D and 3D composition technique, typography technique, graphic technique of idea inspiration exercise, visual technique to study visual expressiveness, and Macintosh operational technique, which is the basic of digital expression.
visual desgin Course

Learning graphic design through abundant practical training

Students will work on producing activities based on basic techniques acquired in year 1, and will produce many creations. Also, they will learn the actual of DTP, such as application of drawing using Macintosh, processing images, and editing.

Main subjects

PC Practical Training Design Technique/ Character Illustration Technique/ Digital Illustration Technique/ DTP Technique/ Image Technique/ Basic Art, etc.

Available qualifications

Lettering Test/ Art Skill Test/ DTP Expert Qualification Test/ CG Test etc.

Future courses of graduates

Graphic Designer
A creator who will plan and produce printed materials. There is a wide field to appeal, such as advertisements, magazines, posters, and CD jacket designs.

Editorial Designer
A designer who specifically specializes in editing layout. Digital techniques will be essential, for most work will be done on PC.

DTP Operator
DTP stands for Desk Top Publishing, which is editing on PC. DTP operator inputs letters and makes publishing data such as images. This is done using Macintosh computers with graphic designers.

Package Designer
The job of a package designer is to think of 3D designs and its structure in broad range of fields. The design will be of exterior package for various products, such as cosmetics and food products sold in stores. A 3D designing sense will be required.