Suport System

International Center

Yokohama Design College offers comprehensive support to international students who are heading for their future goals.

It provides various supports to them from their enrollment in the college until their post-graduation.

YDC established International Center to support international students’ comfortable life. Students can consult with the center for anything from tuition, job finding, enrollment into higher educational institutions, to visa. Expert consultants answer their questions gently.

As an educational institution which actively accepts international students, Yokohama Design College operates the International Center for the purpose of providing comprehensive care to international students. These students have uneasiness because of the difference between their lives in their home countries and those in Japan. We assign exclusive staff in the center and organize a solid support system so that they can concentrate on their study without anxiety. Our support services include proxy application to immigration service, assisting registration with various agencies, health maintenance, care of acute disease, mental care, assistance for part-time job and scholarship, career counseling, interchange among students and with local community, etc.

Characteristics of Career Support Center

Through exhaustive and individual support to each student, we achieved a high rate of advancing to higher educational institutions and a high rate of employment.
Homeroom teachers and Career Support Center comprehend each student’s desired career path. They also provide solid support to international students who search for a job.
  • Career Support Center comprehends each student’s desired career path
  • As soon as job-opening information arrives, it is forwarded to students searching for a job
  • Homeroom teachers take care of their students through close communication
  • Homeroom teachers and Career Support Center share information
  • Develop support program tailored to each student and implement it
  • Put emphasis on one-on-one interview with students