Applications for Short Term Course

The Regular Course

Intended applicants should be people who do not need a student visa, in other words those who are allowed to stay in Japan legally without a student visa.

A short course can last from 1 to 3 months, and can be extended in 1-month increments. The student remains free to change from a short course into one of the standard bridging course. The short courses run from Monday to Friday, with a choice of either morning or afternoon sessions. The student may select the most suitable level: beginning, intermediate , or advanced.

  • Objective of this course is to pass the Japanese Language Profeciancy Test - Level 1
  • Objective of this course is to pass the Japanese Language Profeciancy Test - Level 2
  • Improve capability of Japanese Language in general
TargetPeriod of lessonClass in morningClass in afternoon
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
From Monday to Friday
20 Lessons in a week
※ It becomes either a course of either the morning or afternoon. Number of students on the relationship, you may not attach to hope.

Admission feeScreening feeMonthly tuitionTotal
Special Discount Campaign!

The Private Course

  • The timetable of the course will be scheduled based on each student's necessity.
  • A lesson will be established with ten syllabuses.
  • A trial lesson is also provided.
  • A group lesson is available for a minimum of two persons if their level is the same.
Admission feeScreening feeTuitionTotal
Special Discount Campaign!
¥4,500 x 10
for 1.5 hour course

    • Ten lessons minimum.
    • Another day can be appointed when cancellation is done in previous days. However, charges are applicable when cancellation is done on the class day.