Practical Japanese Course

From correct Japanese to useful Japanese

Program duration: 2 years

This course is designed to help students pursue their careers in Japan by improving their Japanese language skills as well as an understanding of the Japanese culture and society.
In addition to the Japanese language and culture, we also provide training to help students acquire fundamental competencies for working persons, which are essential in working for Japanese companies.
You can obtain a diploma upon graduation from the course to pursue your career in Japan.
You can learn not only practical Japanese language but also a wide range of skills, such as translation, interpretation, bookkeeping, trading and computer skills.

Careers to pursue

Corporate Career Track

While the job requires comprehensive judgment skills and comes with great responsibility, you have opportunities to become an executive.

Sales Representative

You can sell a variety of products and services.

In-house Interpreter and Translator

You can work as a translator and/or interpreter using both Japanese and your native languages.


You can develop a variety of programs and software.

Course features

Multinational Environment

The classroom that creates active communication!

Students are from all over the world. You can learn communication skills naturally in the multinational environment.

A Variety of Career Opportunities

Our graduates are successfully pursuing their careers at Japanese companies!

They mainly work in Kanagawa and Tokyo in a variety of fields, including travel, real estate, retail, and IT industries.

Career Support

We will help you obtain job offers and a visa!

You can receive employment support at our Career Support Center.
At our International Center, you can receive support in obtaining a work visa.

More information

Learning at Practical Japanese Course

Practical Japanese Language Education

You can learn skills to speak, listen and think in Japanese through our classes using newspapers (“Newspaper in Education”) and business Japanese classes.

Translation and Interpretation Classes

Our professional teachers in translation and interpretation provide training, using practical materials. (Available only for Japanese-Chinese and Japanese-Vietnamese languages.)

From Basic Computer Skills to Programming and Web Skills

All students learn basic skills about Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
You can also learn programming and web skills, which are helpful in finding employment.

Qualifications You Could Obtain before Graduation

Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), Bookkeeping Examination, The Proficiency Test in Trading Business, computer proficiency examinations

Course content

Trading Business

The trading and distribution industries are looking for work-ready graduates. We provide practical lectures and computer workshops. A number of our graduates have passed the Proficiency Test in Trading Business.


You can learn bookkeeping, which will give an advantage in job hunting. Through classes with easy-to-understand lectures and visual presentations, you can learn the subject and strive to pass the Bookkeeping Examination.

Translation and Interpretation

If you have passed N2 or above at JLPT, you will take classes on translation and interpretation between Japanese and your native languages. Professional teachers in each language provide practical skills training.

Business Japanese

We provide training on practical skills you will need once you start working, including communication, such as working on the phone with people within and outside the company and formal expressions, as well as business etiquette.


A number of IT companies are looking for talented people. You can take classes on web skills and programming to pursue your career in this field.

What You Will Be Studying

Subject Year 1 Year 2
Japanese Pre-advanced Advanced  
Translation &
Translation and interpretation
Computer (PC)
Introduction Word and Excel Word and Excel PowerPoint
Bookkeeping Grade 4 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 2
Trading Introduction Trading business Trading business Proficiency Test Level C
Business communication Communication Business Japanese
IT programming Basic Applied Applied Corporate internship

Class Schedule (second year)

* Elective classes.

Period Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.

Trading Ⅱ Web literacy PCⅡ

  Trading Ⅱ Web literacy

Extensive reading* Business Japanese TOEIC* Bookkeeping workshop* Web literacy Bookkeeping workshop*


Where our graduates work: Some examples

  • Kinki Nippon Tourist
  • Houeki Shoji
  • Laox
  • Freehand
  • K-line Primeira
  • World Trading
  • Fukuyama Shoji
  • Towa International
  • FMG Air Service
  • Starbreeze (Sweden)
  • DGF
  • Someone
  • Espacio Consultant
  • Puzzle Food Service Tokyo Gyoza-ro
  • Will
  • Jungle
  • And many more