Japanese Language Course

Students from around the world are studying Japanese at YDC

Target levels: N5 to N1(Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

Our Japanese Language Course belongs to an incorporated professional training college. Leveraging this unique position, we provide effective and small group education tailored to each student’s goal.
Are you studying Japanese for the first time? Would you like to take classes that best fit your level? Would you like to study for a long or short time?
You can choose your own style.

  • Admissions and Application Guide

    The application process, an overview of the courses, application requirements, and many more.

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  • College Preparatory Course

    The course to prepare for college and career in Japan.
    We divide classes between students with Kanji background and those without the background, and classes are taught according to their levels.

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  • Short-Term Course

    The courses for those with a tourist visa or a dependent visa and for those desiring private lessons.
    YDC offers Japanese language education for non-Japanese people who have a status of residence other than “student.”

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  • Paths after YDC; Interviews with Our Graduates

    Let us introduce the paths our graduates have taken as well as their voices.

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  • Teachers

    Japanese language teachers at YDC have unique backgrounds!

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What to do first in Japan, how much it costs to live in Japan, what part-time jobs are available to international students — please feel free to ask us if you have any questions or concerns.

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