Short-Term Course

Yokohama Design College offers Japanese language education for non-Japanese people who have a status of residence other than “student.”
The programs include the short-term course, where you can study in the same classroom with international students, as well as private and semi-private lessons. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Short-term course

While the program starts in April and October, you may start in the middle of a term if the program is available at your level.

Course levels Beginner, intermediate, and advanced
Content Some classes focus on conversation and Kanji learning, while other classes focus on preparation for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
Class schedule Monday to Friday

Class Schedule

You can choose either the morning or afternoon program.

Morning program (AM)

1 9:00-9:45
2 9:55-10:40
3 10:50-11:35
4 11:45-12:30

Afternoon program (PM)

1 13:10-13:55
2 14:05-14:50
3 15:00-15:45
4 15:55-16:40


1 month (20 classes)
● Excluding textbooks
49,000 yen
Entrance fee 0 yen
Insurance 0 yen

● The following items are necessary when you apply for the program.
Passport Residence Card 2 photos (4 cm x 3 cm )

Private lessons

Lessons Tailored to Your Unique Goals

Before the lessons start, we conduct a placement test to check the current level of your language skills.
We will assess what you would like to do and how much you would like to learn to coordinate the lessons that best suit your unique goals.
(e.g., Would you like to learn the language and Japanese culture, learn Kanji, focus on conversation, or prepare for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test?)

We can also offer semi-private lessons for two or more people at the same level.

If you enter the short-term course after our private/semi-private lessons,
the entrance fee is0 yen
∗ excluding educational materials

A Trial Lesson is Also Available

Are you worried about what kind of lessons you will be taking? We have a trial lesson (one-time free lesson) too!
We would like you to be sure what you will be getting before taking our lessons.


The minimum unit is 10 lessons (15 hours). Each lesson is 90 minutes long.
If you contact us to cancel at least one day before the scheduled lesson, you may reschedule the date. However, a cancelation fee will apply if you cancel on the date of the scheduled lesson.

Private lesson
Number of students
Duration of each lesson
90 minutes
45,000 yen (for 10 lessons)
Semi-private lesson
Number of students
Duration of each lesson
90 minutes
30,000 yen (for 10 lessons)