Admissions and Application Guide

Steps to take: from applying for the college to obtaining a visa

  • 1. Submission of application to Yokohama Design College

  • 2. Interview and screening

  • 3. Notification of acceptance/rejection

  • 4. Screening fee payment (25,000 yen)

  • 5. Issuance of confirmation of enrollment and application for entry into Japan at Yokohama Immigration Office

  • 6. Notification about Certificate of Eligibility

  • 7. Payment of the entrance fee, tuition, etc. to Yokohama Design College

  • 8. Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility from Yokohama Design College to the applicant

  • 9. Application for a student visa with the Certificate of Eligibility

  • 10. Arriving in Japan and enrolling in Yokohama Design College

Application guide


2-year course
The program starts in

Program schedule
From April 2021 to March 2023

1.5-year course
The program starts in

Program schedule
From October 2020 to March 2022

1-year course
The program starts in

Program schedule
From April 2021 to March 2022
October 2020 to September 2021
Short-term course
The program starts in
Any month
(Some students may not be admitted depending on their levels of Japanese language proficiency)

Program duration
From 1 to 6 months

Application Requirements

・Those who have completed at least 12 years of regular school education or are expected to complete the education by the end of the said academic year in a country other than Japan.
・Those who have completed the course in a country other than Japan to meet the requirements to go to a higher education institution such as a university.

Application Process

1.Screening fee: 25,000 yen

Please pay the fee when you submit your application documents. The fee is non-refundable regardless of the screening results.

2.Application periods

For the April 2021 enrollment From early August 2020 to late October 2020
For the October 2020 enrollment From early March 2020 to late May 2020

Note: The application periods may change due to the change of date for document submission to the Immigration Bureau.

3.Submission of your application

Please send your application to the following:
Administration Office, Japanese Language Course, Yokohama Design College
1-33-6 Chuo, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-0051, Japan
Note: Please send the application documents via EMS or using other major couriers such as OCS, DHL, and TNT. Please make sure all the documents are complete. The application may be rejected if they are incomplete or have missing information.

4.Screening process

(Depending on your nationality,) we will locally conduct document screening, an examination and an interview.
The supporter is also expected to participate in the interview.
Please note that if the application is rejected, its reason will not be notified.

Required application documents

By the Applicant

(1)Application for admission (A-1 & 2) …The specified forms are to be filled out by the applicant
(2)Personal record (B-1, 2 & 3) …The specified forms are to be filled out by the applicant
(3)Declaration (D-1) …The specified form is to be filled out by the applicant
(4)5 photos (4cm x 3cm) …Please write down your name and date of birth on the back
(5)Certificate of graduation from the last educational institution you attended (original) …A certificate of enrollment if you are a current student
(6)Proof of Japanese language studies …Please submit it if available
(7)Photocopy of passport (if you already have a valid passport) …If you have been to Japan before, please also submit a photocopy of the visa and of the entry/exit stamps
(8)Application for student dormitory …If you wish to live in a dormitory, please submit it at least one month before the enrollment

By the Supporter

(1)Letter of support (C-1) …The specified form is to be filled out by the supporter with a registered seal
(2)Declaration (D-1) …The specified form is to be filled out.
The guarantor’s signature and seal are required at the bottom of the form.
(3)Official document that proves the supporter’s relationship to the applicant …e.g. a photocopy of birth certificate, family registry, etc.
(4)Official bank statement …The account must be in the supporter’s name
(5)Document that proves the supporter’s employment/business …e.g. proof of employment, photocopy of corporate registration, business license, etc.
(6)Proof of income/tax payment …On the past year
(7)Certificate of residence or certification of information on an alien registration card …Please submit it if the supporter lives in Japan

Please note that additional documents may be requested to prove the ability to pay all the expenses, such as a photocopy of a bankbook, during the screening process by Immigration Bureau.
Note: For documents required for applicants from China, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar, please click here.

Download documents

Regarding expenses such as tuitions, textbooks and other educational materials, please request the school brochure and check the information in the application guide.