Privacy Policy

Collecting the information

In the Contact Form, we ask you to provide personal information with your consent, only to the extent necessary for us to provide services on this website.
We may also collect some non-personally identifiable information, such as your browser type and operating system.
For any other situations not described above, we will not collect personal information without your consent.

Using the information

The information will be used only for the necessary and appropriate purposes to use this website.
Should we need to use your personal information beyond such purposes, we will contact you in advance.

Providing and disclosing the information

We will not provide or disclose the personal information we collect from you to any third party outside Yokohama Design College.

Managing the information

To prevent information leakage, Yokohama Design College has a person in charge of personal information management.
We also take appropriate safety measures to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, loss, damage, or other breaches (e.g., hacking).

Accessing, correcting, and deleting the information

When we receive your request to access, correct, and/or delete your personal information held by us, we will address it within a reasonable time.