Campus Life

Our students have come to Japan with a variety of goals

Let’s see how they enjoy the student life!


I’ve come to YDC to prepare for an art university.

In addition to studying the Japanese language, I also practice drawing in art classes and visit art museums on weekends.

Morning: Japanese language classes at school

At YDC, I take classes to prepare for N1.
I understand Chinese characters since I’m from China, but grammar is so difficult!
Classes are tough since conversation is particularly hard for me. I study on my own at the lounge after class.

Lunch break

Since I live with a host family, the host mother’s homemade lunch box gives me energy for the afternoon.
Thank you always, mom♪ Let’s see what she made for me today…

Afternoon: Studying art

Twice a week, I join art classes to prepare for art university entrance exams.
I’m currently producing works and a portfolio to prepare for a graduate program.

Evening: Part-time job

I work part-time on the way back from school.
Working part-time helps me improve my Japanese.

Weekends: Enjoying myself

I enjoy bicycling in Zushi, where I live with my host family, and go see Sumo wrestling, the Japanese traditional culture.