Career Support Center

We provide full support for your future career

Class teachers and Career Support Center keep track of every student’s desired plans after graduation and are prepared to provide all kinds of support, such as individual guidance and job fairs.

Job Offer Rate

Where our graduates work: examples

Kinki Nippon Tourist, Houeki Shoji, Laox, Freehand, K-line Primeira, World Trading, Fukuyama Shoji, Towa International, FMG Air Service, Starbreeze (Sweden), DGF, Someone, Espacio Consultant, Puzzle Food Service Tokyo Gyoza-ro, Will, Jungle, and many more.

Companies in travel, trading, mass-market retailing, and distribution industries, etc.

  1. Career preparation workshops

    We organize a variety of workshops throughout the year to prepare for job search (e.g., filling out application forms, preparing resumes, job fairs, mock exams, mock interviews, makeup for job interviews, etc.) so that students can work on job hunting with confidence.
  2. Internships (training in companies)

    This program allows students to learn firsthand about the professional know-how in the actual workplace. Every year, students actively participate in this program to make the most of this learning experience for their careers.
  3. Industry-academia collaboration

    We also provide opportunities to collaborate with well-known companies and municipalities. Students can learn the joy and hardship of being professional through the real social and work experience before graduation.

About 80% of Students Take Internships

Most of our students take the internships while in school.
Since our school is accredited as an applied professional postsecondary course, we can collaborate with companies, and international students can also participate in internships.

Detailed Academic and Career Guidance by Class Teachers

Chikako Kageshima (Curriculum Coordinator, Comprehensive Japanese Course)

Whether advancing to higher education or finding employment, it’s a huge decision to make for international students. Class teachers offer the unique academic and career guidance as someone who really knows the personality and strengths of each student.

We Support Your Efforts toward Your Dreams and Goals

Hitomi Yokosaka (Career Consultant certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

We, Career Support Center, support students so that they can draw their own future dreams and goals, demonstrate the ability to think and act on their own in their daily lives, and take on challenges.
At individual interviews, we not only provide academic and career guidance but also assist students’ personal formation that will lead to independence as members of society.
We also offer such services as self-assessment, preparation of self-promotion and resumes, mock interviews, as well as detailed employment support including the introduction of companies.